'The Stagg Do' - edit time

I haven't updated for a little while on this but mentioned it in other posts.

Before I left for Manchester, I got the animating finished for 'The Stagg Do' which is now in post-production. The main animation was shot as you know in stop frame, cut out style and with lots of little problems to adjust to or sort out along the way which I have also learned a lot from for the future.

During animating:

A screencap during taking the shots on Dragonframe. Towards the end at the riverbank.

And now for something I've never said before 'its a wrap' - yep the very end of animating and by this time is was about midnight and I'd sat for 2 days on the floor moving piece by piece, all hunched over so by this time- you can see everything ended up all over. It was amazing to get it done and I was really excited and now...

A sneak pic of one of the shots during animating..

Now the next big step! ....editing.

And here come the problems again. So while I was away over the 2 weeks working on 'Innocence' I was making a start with the editing of the animation. In the past I've had no problems even during the test pieces for this with using Quicktime player to compile each clip together from the image sequence taken. But this time it just wasn't working. So then I tried After Effects- again some more problems and it wasn't flowing right or working how I wanted it.
So then to Final Cut Pro. However each frame was individual on the time line and it wouldnt allow me to group together to be able to just rotate them. I spent 2 days rotating and basic tweaking of these and knew this can't be right.

Now back home again and after trying that again with rotating, I found another way around it and back to Quicktime player- I managed to export using 1 frame per second but then will have to edit the timing and speed of each clip within Final Cut pro. I also had a few little problems with putting in transitions but managed to realise that each clip needed to be marked with an 'in' point and 'out' point with spaces between to allow the transitions.

And to where I'm up to now- it's basicly still continuing to work on this. It's a long and slow process and to keep allowing parts to render to view too. I now need to crop the clips, get them to flow together right, put in the transitions and then key out the background.
That is also something I tried whilst I was away, to figure out a way around keying out the background because with it only originally working frame by frame (having to edit each one) there's no way I could individually key out the background.

This is all what I'm working on as I type this post. I have Final Cut Pro open and ready to continue with. The other key thing to remember of course is to make sure it fits to the voice over!

So that's my editing update on FNA Films 'The Stagg Do' animation sequence. It's all in the technical stages now.


  1. wow this is looking absolutely brilliant, really love the colours that youve used here! looking forward to the finished piece! :) great work!

  2. Aww thanks Rachel! Had a lot of delays lol. Glad you like the colours.




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