Innocence- 'making of clothes'

Another update as I'm on a roll! This time moving on to the stop motion 'Innocence' which as I mentioned is a collaborative project with Donna Mallet, Cheryl Walker, Stefan Hall and Stiobhart Matulevitz. Check out the main blog here for all updates and the process of the making and filming which begins soon! As you know my role in this was to make the armatures which I created whilst in Manchester. I then brought them back home to work on the clothes. (minus the Charlie character). Originally I was going to attempt to use the sewing machine for these which is a first for me- sewing skills are something I lack but want to learn more of for stop motion and puppet making. But after spending an entire day trying to sort out the sewing machine- it wouldn't work and would take too long to fix so I decided to hand stitch them. All of these are without heads and feet- the heads are to be added after in Manchester. The first character is Alfred. In typical 'grandad' style he has his sweater and tie, a smart man indeed.
Now after making his sweater I made the trousers, put them on him and added some padding under his shirt and the sweater split and started to fray- too much to be re-stitched and saved. So I had to make another sweater.
The hands attached, the finished clothed version of Mr Alfred himself!
Next up we have his lovely wife Beatrice: Again, she has a lovely typical grandma style with her clothes and very sweet. Complete with her hunched back, traditional cardigan and pinny. Rockin the bloomers!!
Making her little pinny- she's keen on cooking/baking. Especially for Alfred so she's always seen with her pinny on.
Back view of her once completed- her 'hunched' back.
Final view of Beatrice:
Now to the main one herself- Innocence! A teeny tinyyyy shirt...
Followed by a teeny tinyyy dress....
Now the original design for Innocence had a short sleeve puff ball style shirt under her dress, but as the arms are exposed wire armature underneath- they had to be full length sleeves. Also a back view of the bow on her dress.
Final shot
And last but not least- poor ol' Angus the cat....not a lot to really look at here as he has no head so it looks like a fluff ball but here he is...
And a happy family together- minus Charlie.
So thats the clothes done and dusted. Posted off and arrived there this morning. And I must say that I really enjoyed making these and it surely made me think more (as well as watching over and over) about Coraline and Paranorman etc, just the sheer scale and detail and effort that goes into the making of the clothes. I thought these were small scale but then think about things like socks, gloves...if fabric is screen printed! It's crazy...but amazing!! I shall leave you on that note.


  1. The clothes look great, nice job

  2. My, my, you've been busy! Excellent craftsmanship. Or should that be craftswomanship..? Excellent, nontheless. Hunchback Beatrice is kinda creepy - great work! Don't be surprised when LAIKA come knocking :)

    Now you've made me want to go watch Coraline DVD extras (yet again)! And complain to myself that they never put enough content in :\

  3. Great job on clothing your characters!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! : )

    Dean- haha, I wish about LAIKA, that'd be a dream! ....and you can never watch the Coraline extras or the film for that matter too many time ;)




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