Lack of updates

I try to update my blog as often as possible and it's been about a month or more now which is rare. So sorry about that- my internet has been on and off (mostly off) for over two weeks. It's finally fixed now but also been a case of sod's law- where everything else breaks at the same time and generally a lot of appointments too so its been a lil hectic.

Still been trying to work on the FNA animation which I'm having a meeting about on Tuesday. I have struggled with getting the editing right and had to start all over again after an error with Final cut- damn! So that's not as far as I hoped at all.

And 'Innocence' is well on it's way now too with making the clothes, after some delays with that too. I'll post a proper update on this asap but for now, here's a lil pic of Alfred's clothes. Considering I lacked any stitching skills whatsoever! They had to be hand stitched though sadly, I wanted to try with a sewing machine but its not working properly and for time wise, it was easier to get them started and done by hand.

So here's a pic for now til I get a chance to update more.


  1. I like it! What's it made from? It looks ever so cosy :)

  2. @Dean- thanks! haha yeah, just some nice kinda 'grandad' style fabric I got.

    Thanks Jeff :)




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