Blog updated and now with pages!

After what feel's like a very, very long time I now have my blog all updated, changed and complete with new pages! I've got this as my main blog page which obviously I'll post on but now I have set pages with my work on so it's a much easier layout rather than having to scroll through hundred's of posts. There's a 'digital work', 'models & sculpts', 'sketches', 'making's of' and 'about me & contact' page which can all be found along the tab at the top of here. Hope you like the change and find it easier to navigate. The blog has also changed over to the new 'dynamic' layout style which takes a little getting used to but I'm finding it ok so far. So enjoy!


  1. I like the new design. Your right, it works well with the new pages.

  2. Looks good. is this on googles' blogger.

  3. Thank you both! Glad you like the new design. Yeah it's on google's blogger.




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