Frankenweenie Amazingness

As you all may or may not know... most likely may- i'm a massive Tim Burton fan/obsessive. And this year is a biggie for stop motion with not just ParaNorman (LAIKA) but also Burton's Frankenweenie. I've been following the updates and images since it all started and I really can't wait. A few days ago I saw this video and WOW!!! You know when something just truly amazes you, this did- I was in awe of it. It's behind the scenes of the making of it. Check it out. Not only this, there are a lot of images but for the full article and all images, here is the link. And.....if that wasn't enough, there was the announcement of 'The Art of Frankenweenie: Exhibition' which will be touring. It's coming to London in October (dates to be confirmed) and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! This is a must see and slightly makes up for the main Tim Burton exhibition not being here. The full list of venues are here. So lot's to look forward to!


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