Happy summer!

Wow June 1st already! So really it's about time I update on here isn't it. It's been a while. There hasn't really been a lot going on to post about but I'll do my best! It was also my birthday about 2 weeks ago and I got some fantastic presents as always and I also got these two books.... 'Drawn To Life (volume 1)' by Disney animator Walt Stanchfield.
I've wanted this book for about 3 years now and heard/read a lot of great reviews about it and volume 2. When I got the book I was quite shocked at how thick it actually is - 448 pages! And I must admit, when I first had a flick through, I was a bit disappointed as I expected it to be more in terms of visual examples. But the majority is written text with very small examples, some kinda of harder to make out. However it's still a good book and I think once I invest some proper time into it, reading it through properly- it will be immensely beneficial and teach me a lot. It's not always about imagery. And you can't know all the positive reviews about it! Mine was bought on amazon.co.uk for only £13.67, so for a big book like that- bargain! You can read a more in depth review of both volumes here with examples of the pages- Parka Blogs. The other book I got was called 'How to Make Clay Characters' by Maureen Carlson. Also bought from amazon.co.uk for £11.04
I know the cover isn't exactly appealing- it looks a little childish to me but don't let that fool you! This book, even from just a brief flick through has so much information in it- very useful and a lot to learn from. Although it's not for stop motion models, it's still sculpture work and some of the same techniques can be applied. There is so much detail and tutorials for things such as building up the faces which I've never thought of in that way before and creating hair, creases in fingers etc. There is also a section on creating clothes too.
I'll try and post more on this when I get a chance to look at it properly and create some things from it.


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