It's a seahorse horse!

So here's a lil something I've began working on. Just something as a nice lil side project and something different but to be part of an animation. The wonderful Shelley Nobel has a blog'Notes from Halfland' which I have followed for a good few years now I believe. Infact I think it was when I was making my 'bridge to terabithia' model for my final project in my Ba Hons year before even starting animation! So yep we are talking a while back and it's a blog that I just found instantly inspiring.

The project Shelley has been working on is looking incredible and I urge anyone to check out her blog and look back at older posts, the work is amazing!! A description of the overall project from the describes it as -

'It's my wholly original folk tale in the traditional vein. It's a fantasy on the surface, but really more of a visual allegory or metaphor in the sense of ancient myths. It's filled with symbols from deep within my own subconscious. It's a grand experiment to see if these incredible, truly, incredible new creative computer tools can empower everyone with basic modern means to be their own movie studio. But most of all, it's the most insane fun I've ever had or could ever imagine having. It's actually simple animation for Halfland, I hope. No dialog at all, not much narrative, mainly uninvolved physical movement made in short bursts and strung together as a film, as if beads. The magic of it is in its detailed sets, puppets, and costumes, the world created.'

You can read more in depth about the plot itself on the 'what is halfland' page

In the animation there is an underwater scene in which Shelley has invited readers of the blog to make and send her their own small fish/underwater critter to be a part of this scene. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to create one and commented about it and Shelley said she'd love one thing in particular made which she had an image of- it's a seahorse! But a horse that thinks it's a seahorse. Here's the image ....

Next step was to begin making which actually turned out trickier than I thought at first- deciding what to make it out of before realising that Sculpey wasn't an option as most of my tools are still in Manchester and I don't have any Sculpey right now. Plus it would make it heavier. So paper mache! .... I've never made a horse before. Here's the very start. Making the basic armature- wire and polystyrene eggs. The legs were then to be double twisted as usual.

Starting to build it up with the paper mache but looking a bit more donkey like!

And pretty much where I am with it right now, apart from adding more to his legs..... I say he's currently trapped in the body of a donkey but that will change when I build it up more. It's a bit bigger than I wanted really and compared to a guide on size.


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