LAIKA challenge prize & old character design done!

Before I say anything- I hate the new dynamic blog template/layouts. It's messing up a lot of my posts so that's why the images and text are a bit all over the place. Something I forgot to post a while back- probably due to being overly excited to open.... my LAIKA creative challenge prize that I received. It was for the movie challenge a while back when I made Forrest Gump....

Making of posts are here and here.

And here is my cool prize, a hoody with their cool logo on, a t shirt and Christmas stop motion dvd. I was chuffed with these because it's not like you can buy them and especially not here in the UK. So I shall treasure them!

And on another quick note- something I went back to today when sorting through files is a quick character design I done last year, James.


  1. The character design looks good.

    1. Thanks Jeff! It was something I was going to model in cinema 4D....but finally admitted defeat to that haha. So he'll just remain like that.




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