Monsters at the beach- LAIKA creative challenge

On Thursday I had a bit of time to just sit down and draw and I really enjoyed it! I feel like I haven't properly been creative for a while and it just made a nice change. I decided to to draw a piece for the new LAIKA creative challenge which is 'Monsters at the beach'. I was going to do something digital but stuck to all hand drawn instead. Sketched then coloured with my tria markers (love them) and then derwent inktense and karisma pencils. Just something more fun and random so here it is. You can click to vote on your fave entry here. Voting closes 22nd June.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this n it definitely gets my vote! The colours are so vibrant! You have crazy skills with coloured pencils!

  2. haha awww thank you!! It was really nice to work with the markers and pencils again.




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