My new things!

I had to post these- I have been so impatient for the post and today they arrived! Just one more thing left which is a Tom Bancroft book. But for a long time now I've wanted to build up my clay sculpting tools because I've never had many to work with. So I treat myself to this nifty little 6 piece set which I can't wait to try! And then also these and I honestly haven't been so excited about 3 pencils in my life! Ever since being a kid I've had an obsession with stationery. Always got excited about new pencil cases at the start of each new school year, which were filled with anything and everything. If ever anyone in the world needed anything it was 'ask ashleigh, she'll have it'........ so for me not to already have these was a crime! I am of course talking about col-erase pencils by prismacolor. It's harder to find these in the UK and most art shops don't sell them as its an American brand. I have a set of Karisma pencils which I love but have never used these for sketching. I bought them online here- 1buy1pencils. This is just the most random, quickest and un-accurate sketch ever to test them but I love them already. I think they will really benefit me for concept work/ideas. So i'm a very happy person right now. More updates to come on the 'seahorse' too.


  1. Cool tools! I have the exact same ones, except mine came in a pack of 12. Or maybe I bought 2 packs... I can't remember. They're great for fine detail. And I have a pack of 14 plastic tools for less detailed work. AND, of course, many boxes of cocktail sticks. Can't do without the trusty cocktail sticks. Tesco sell them in boxes of one billion for about 50p.

    Enjoy your new toys! I'm kinda jealous now. I need to go get myself some new stationery to make me happy. Gotta keep up with the Hutchinsons!! ;)

  2. Dental tools are the best! They'll make a great addition to your tool kit! Love all of your creativity!

  3. Dean- actually yeah, I saw the 12 pack afterwards, almost the same price...damn! lol. Oh yep, gotta agree with you there, cocktail sticks are a must!!
    Haha 'keeping up with the hutchinsons' I'd love to go on a stationery spree!

    Jon- yeah, I'd never even really thought about dental tools at first. I'm gonna be asking next time I visit mine lol. Awww and thank you! : )




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