Seahorse progress

Following on from previous, here is an update on the seahorse for The Halfland Project. I re-started it after the first one looking more like a dog! And now I've been making the accessories for him. Almost done. Some of my tools are still in Manchester at the moment but I've used a couple of the new ones I got- not for smoothing. And also I've used Fimo as I have no Super Sculpey. I must admit- I really don't like Fimo! It's not as good to work with- to make 'workable' it takes so long and its like having a workout! It's not as easy to blend or mould and sculpt with either. But anyhow I still managed in the end. Far from attractive- in progress...
Bit more added and some airbrushing but not done yet and no eyes yet.
And now his lil accessories.
Tomorrow I plan to finish the airbrushing and then that's pretty much it done, just have to kit him out with his swimwear and he's good to go! And on a final note- some new and rather cool tools I got in my previous post, and also just got these clay ribbon cutters- at last!! Used to use these a lot in ceramics (obviously).




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