Seahorse to dog!

A little while ago I posted about making a seahorse for the Halfland project. I'd started and it was being made with paper mache (tissue paper). Now really when I started, I should of known but kinda just hoped it would work didn't. The size was too big and the polystyrene eggs I had used as part of the frame for it just wasn't working. It now looks like a dog. So rather than bin him, I'll make him into some sort of 'Frankenweenie' style thing. Now I've started again, this time with just a basic wire armature- no polystyrene eggs and I've bulked out the body with newspaper before then adding paper mache with newspaper. I'll then add tissue paper mache and hope this way works.


  1. Woof! Neigh! Woof! :p

    The first one does look a bit Sparky-esque. Your subconscious planned this all along!

    The new horse looks like a Shetland pony. Very cool! Tell the Post Office it's going to Halfland and they might charge you half price shipping :)

  2. That has happened to me. Sometimes playing around and creating something spontaneously can be a lot more fun than sticking with the " plan "!

  3. Dean- haha yeah he was destined to be Sparky! Can't get away from Burton.
    I think i'll give that a try with the post office!! ; )

    Blacknick- yeah!! Exactly, same with digital work too. Sometimes just 'messing around' is far more better. Let's see how round two turns out!




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