And again..

If your not sick of them by now- I've been doing some more 'caricature' style drawing again. This time of a friend of Donna's and mine in Manchester. The lovely and always happy Claire. So I had a go and here it is- ..and I've also re-done the one of Donna, making a few slight adjustments to it and changing the colour work a bit tomorrow.


  1. I actually think what you're doing is great.. a couple of months ago I drew head studies for about two months straight and looking back, I now find it so much easier and faster to design heads... I think taking the time to focus all your efforts in one aspect of a characters' design is great way to learn how to do it quicker and more effectively than spreading yourself thin by trying to do too many things at the same time! :)

    1. Awww thanks!! Wow yeah, that's great and so true, to focus on certain elements and put the time in to practise it- it pay's off. There's a lot I have to learn yet, but it's all good!




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