Missy doodle

I've spent the last few days getting my printed portfolio updated which was very much in need of doing! With a bit of a stress out with the prints on Friday and the sleeves (from old work- pulled the print off each page- eek!) but sorted out in the end. So yesterday I decided to sit down and draw! After my mum saying I should have a go at drawing one of our dogs Missy, I thought why not. It's something I've never tried before and would be fun. So that's exacly what I did, whilst she lay on the floor next to me most of the day as usual. It's a caricature version of her, with my usual and much loved tria markers, karimsa and derwent inktense pencils (and yes she does have very wonky bottom teeth with one missing haha) Was a fun doodle to try and do, but now I have to try making one of our other dog Kyra, can't leave one out! So I'll attempt a version of her soon (she's a samoyed).


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