Sweet Dreams

Just a bit of an update on something I started yesterday. After working on caricatures lately and a personal piece earlier this weekend for my grandma, I decided to do something fully digital again and more of an illustration piece rather than a sketch. As it's currently a bit sunnier and brighter, it was a good thing to base that on and what could be brighter and happier than a child with sweets! I started off with a basic sketch which I created the line work for on illustrator-
Then after finishing the line work I took it over to photoshop to colour-
The colour work isn't finished on her yet, I havent decided if I'll have the black outlines or colour them but I'm going to do that towards the end, as well as some highlights and shading. Next up is the background- liquorice allsorts & love hearts! (don't know why because I never liked love hearts- got to be better than the flying saucers though). Again I done a rough sketch of these and then took it to illustrator and I was going to paint over them but thought I'd see how a live trace went which after tweaking a little, I really liked the outcome of it. The more sketchy illustration style rather than neat and precise and I think it works well with the rest of the image. Doesn't look great here but here is the simple outline...
And this is where I'm up to right now with it. The blue background I havent decided on yet, it'll probably change and things get added and as I said earlier- the line work of the girl. But here it is as of now-
More to come soon! I've enjoyed doing this and its made a nice change going back to something digital again and using my graphics tablet.


  1. Super cute caricatures in the last few posts. Love the sea horse!

  2. Awww thank you!! Yeah there's been a lot of caricatures lately.




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