Morning Blues and Paris

Time for a quick update! It's been a little while again and I started this about 2 weeks ago but haven't got round to finishing it yet. It's almost there but just lots of other general things been going on lately....and I'm off to Disneyland Paris again in just under 2 weeks, 10 days to be exact and I CANT WAIT!! Last time I was there was 2009, so it's been a little while and the 20th Anniversary celebrations are on now. So no doubt I'll be updating with some pics from that when I get back and hope but doubt to see any Frankenweenie things there or just more general inspiration or any 'art of' books. I'm just debating wether to take my Canon 600D or not. It'll be the first time we are going into Paris itself for a day though which will be fantastic so it would be great for photos for that. I have a nice new bag at last for it too which is ideal, the Crumpler Jimmy Boo 400.
Anyway back to the main point of my post 'Morning Blues'. Just more of a simple illustration, and experimenting a little with some textures. It started off as a basic sketch...
Then after most of the colour was added, I tried out with this background texture and also using a texture on the table, not too intense.
And lastly, this is how it currently looks which I need to finish.


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