ParaNorman bonanaza! 'The Art & Making of'

As I'm sure your all aware I'm really excited about the release of ParaNorman which is released here in the UK on September 14th. From LAIKA, the makers of Coraline which is immense and what I love about LAIKA is the 'fun' aspect they have in the work that they do and in the workplace itself. It's a serious but dedicated, passionate and incredibly harding work team but they bring that fun to it which is clear to see. You can tell they love what they do and want the audience to love what they see just as much. Official trailer- Since the release of Coraline, I've had a button obsession ever since! So this may bring on a zombie obsession, who knows! They've also been releasing some mini video's of more behind the scenes and the ideas, the people involved in the making of which are great to watch. You can check them out here on their Youtube channel 'featured playlist' This one is one of my favourites 'The Faces of ParaNorman'- it's incredible! 40,000 faces! So this brings me on to the book itself. 'The Art and Making of ParaNorman' which was released on August 1st. I had mine pre-ordered on Amazon and felt like a kid waiting for Christmas for it to arrive which is did on Friday morning and WOW!
I own many 'making of' books including the Coraline one, Pixar ones, Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride,Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd' etc. So obviously I like these kind of books a lot and they greatly inspire me. This book however, is possibly one of the most in depth in terms of the process and stages involved.
There are chapters on the entire process of making ParaNorman. Some of the chapters include: 'welcome to LAIKA, the workshop of little wonders, building the world, where the story comes to life'. It really does delve right into each aspect so well. From where the ideas and inspiration came from, character design, making the armatures and puppers (including how they added the hair, fabrication etc), the roles of the crew involved, set design and much more. So if you ever wanted an insight into the work involved in making an incredible stop motion animation then this certainly is the book for that! It features a lot of concept art, research photos, making of photos- puppet making and set, on set photos, production design concepts and development and still images from the animation itself- some which are lovely full page images.
With 160 pages in colour, it's presented very nicely and makes it extra special. Making you turn through each page ever so carefully- which I did as soon as it arrived! I turned each page as if it were coated in gold. For me with the background I have for interior architecture and animation- I really do love anything to do with this and my main interests have always been and still are in character design, stop motion, sculpting and set design. So this more than ticks all of those boxes! I really, really do strongly recommend this book. You won't be disappointed.


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