Sweet Dreams- finished!

I finished working on the Sweet Dreams illustration yesterday which as you know I started earlier in the week. Here is the finished version.
It was more by chance that it ended up how it is with the shading and highlights style (more 3D) because it's the first time I've really tried to do something more like that, it was just as I went along. I could of done a more 'blocky' style shading but I like how it turned out and want to do some more like this too. I experimented with a few different backgrounds but the yellow seemed to 'pop' the most and give a much happier, fun vibe.
Then I brought in a texture to the background, of love hearts. But decided and via other opinions, that it looked best without.
The last stages were adding the shading and highlights which took quite a long time and MANY layers! Over 60 by time I had finished the piece.


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