Archie - LAIKA challenge

Hey everyone! Back again with a new illustration. It was created for this month's LAIKA creative challenge. The theme was'Missing from ParaNorman' - Create your own character from Norman's world that wasn't featured in the movie. It could be a ghost, missing zombie, or terrified Bilthe Hollow resident - any character that didn't make the final cut. Submit each piece with a brief explanation of the character, and why he/she/it wasn't included in the film. Archie
I decided to create a bit of a random neighbourhood character named 'Archie. I created a rough initial sketch- and i mean very rough.
I then started on the line work on Illustrator.
And again the finished version....
His description for my entry here is 'Archie', a Blithe Hollow resident. He spends his whole time hiding indoors on full alert of a zombie attack. Never seen by others but known as the eccentric man across the road'- his defense is his stop watch to hypnotize, a yo-yo to distract and a hammer to knock the zombie out.' There are some INCREDIBLE entries to this month's challenge. A few strong faves of mine. It was a fun theme to work on and a nice change to do something different compared to the caricatures lately, nice to do something digital.




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