Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

This last week has been really busy for me- trying to plan my time well for spliting between creative/design work and my new gym course study which I have a lot to learn for. As well as this- I got a new treadmill this week which has ended up in my spending AGES clearing rubbish out, re-arranging loads finally tonight- moving the treadmill yet again. But amongst all of this- I've had lots of exciting ideas which I can't wait to get started on. It includes a past character you may remember 'Marco'.
I'm going to create a range of illustrations of him. Seasonal, occasions etc. But something even more exciting is......... a cut out animation! Back to the stop motion again and another chance to use the rostrum and proper use of the multi-plane as last time for FNA Films I ended up not using it. I know what I'm going to create for it and I'll get a rough storyboard done soon. It's been a while since I've done any of this again and cut out/stop motion is a strong passion of mine so it'll be great. Right now I'm also working on a surprise illustration which I'll be posting later next week! So there you go- lots of ideas and plans going on. Keeping busy!


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