Merry Christmas!!

First of all a massive sorry for the LONG delay in posts. It's actually the longest I've ever gone without posting on here so sorry for that. But don't worry, I've been busy drawing and drawing, got a job (Christmas temp) and a new puppy (with razor sharp teeth). I've been working on a lot of illustrations which I'm loving. I've worked on some portraits and some commision work with some wedding invites too- all of which everyone has been thrilled with.... phew!! As well as something special with 30 mini illustrations. I'll be doing updates properly with all my new work very soon but for now- Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing and fun time....with some creativeness thrown in there too of course.


  1. Merry Christmas, Ashleigh! You sound very busy. Get that puppy a bone for Christmas and it might stop chewing on you ;)

    Have a good one!!

    1. thank you!! Hope you had a great Christmas and new year!! haha yeah- she's got everything possible already and still hasnt stopped biting me!




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