Eduardo re- worked & the Circus is back (cutout)

You probably remember way back when I was studying animation before leaving, I began on a Circus idea for an animation. I had already wrote a script for this and created the designs for Marcel the mouse but hadn't got as far as creating the final design for Eduardo the mime artist. So back to now, well about a month or 2 ago I re-created a version of Eduardo. Which was this....
I've always wanted to go back to this and actually do something with it seeing as I have a script and storyboard. I really like the idea of the story attached to it, it's quite sweet. I've also wanted to do another cutout animation so..... *light bulb moment* - why not make this into a cutout stop motion animation? This is such a long process and I'm not sure how it's going to work out for this but I'm going to give it a damn good try!! This week I've re-worked the design for Eduardo. Before he was just totally lacking personality and just was 'meh'. When you look at something and it just does nothing for you. I do prefer this design and think its works better for the story. I need to work on expressions next. I also need to re-design Marcel as the original is too difficult to convey into cutout.
So that's my plan right now, to work on this to create a cutout animation. I'm also carrying on with the 30 day drawing challenge, which is just when possible on certain days but still sticking to the plan of it.


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