A few pieces

Here's just another little update from things I meant to post a while ago. These are a few things I've done over the last couple of months for various people. Some caricatures, illustrations and logo design commissions.

Firstly two images of a baby boy, commission work. A hand drawn version and digital.

This piece was created for a gym in America 'Cross Timbers Training'. As part of a gym based comic.

These are a range of pest illustrations I created for a pest control website in London. First time drawing bugs like this...which for me is something! I'm petrified of spiders! I tried a different technique for shading to add more life to them so they weren't so flat looking.
This was a quick illustration based on an early idea for a children's alphabet word book.
A halloween illustration from a while back.
These two were logo's I created for Netgrandpa.com, a Canadian website to help teach and educate the elderly on how to use computers and the internet. I really enjoyed creating these, it's a different style for me which I want to do on other work too, in terms on the shading and blending.




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