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Wow I'm just about pushing 2 posts this month! I know! I've had quite a busy month really with the end of my course at college (teaching assistant) and the end of my placement, then I had to quite quickly look into lots of things before sitting an entry exam for a masters degree, which I'm not longer going to do now. Then it was my birthday......27! shhh. Lastly I got some work from a client in Canada who I worked for last year when I created the netgrandpa logo. 

I really enjoyed creating the logo last year and it was lovely for them to get back in contact again. This time they required 22 web icon thumbnails designed for their website taskerrz.com  

Web icons are something I have never designed before but to fit in with the style of their site, I knew it had to be quite sketchy but also bold, colourful and professional looking- digital rather than hand drawn or coloured. I tried using a new style with different brushes on illustrator, a lot more textures than usual and then more of a double layer to create depth and shadow. I'm really pleased with the outcome of these designs and it's something I really enjoyed working on! They were very happy with the icons which is the main thing. It was done via People Per Hour which my page can be found at here 

The icons to be designed were for the following categories:

1. Administrative & VA
2. Article Marketing
3. Gifts
4. Music & Audio
5. SEO
6. Video & Animation
7. Adsense
8. Business
9. Graphic & Design
10. Online Marketing
11. Task Runner
12. Writing & Translation
13. Advertising
14. Customer Support
15. Internet Marketing
16. Other
17. Technology
18. Affiliate Marketing
19. Fun & Bizarre
20. Life Style
21. Programming
22. Travel

Here are the icons completed. I used illustrator and photoshop as well as my new wacom tablet! 




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