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I thought it was about time I posted some things I had been making from just after Christmas. I had totally forgot to post these but I ventured into making some home plaques and fimo/sculpey keyrings. These were actually really fun to make and quite simple, although the plaques were more time consuming, purely due to the technique I used.

I experimented with some crackle glazes for the first time but then tried just simple sanding and preferred that. I noticed with a lot of the plaques available to buy in shops or online, that they are either handwritten with a fineliner or sharpie or printed on. Now I don't have the facility to print but I tried by using graphite paper and tracing through with that, then painting the font by hand- and lets just say I'm not the best painter or have the best brushes to do this so it took a long time! After painting the font, it was then lightly sanded again.

Here are a few examples of the plaques I made.

The keyrings I made were just really simple from silicone moulds. I'd never tried using them before but it was brilliant! So, so quick and easy to use and allows you to make a lot, fast! I did have trouble with getting the sealing glaze on (a matte one) but once that was sorted it was fine. I didn't want them to have a glossy glaze because that's not how they are in real life. I just made some Jammy Dodger, mini Oreo and life size Oreo keyrings. They were so fun to make! I dusted some chalk on them too, just to add a bit more colour and depth. 

The Oreo keyrings look darker in pictures than they are in real life, the last picture is probably more of how they really look. A mixed brown/black shade.

So thats what I was up to for a while. I still have a lot of clay and the mdf plaques etc which I will make more of at some point. I just have been busy with different things on and off over the last few months. They are nice to do for a change though, to be more hands on with making something again because I often miss that side of things. So watch this space for more down the line! 




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