A few weeks ago I got a few books all about typography. It's something I've never been able to do well and always wanted to try and get a bit better at. It's a good skill to have and be able to incorporate into designs etc. So I got a few books to give me ideas and inspiration. To be honest these don't say much about layout etc but design wise it does have a lot in them. I was so excited when these arrived! They were all bought from Amazon.co.uk

'Draw Your Own Fonts - Tony Seddon' and 'Hand Job, A Catalog of Type- Michael Perry'

'Little Book Of Lettering - Emily Gregory' and 'Drawing Type, An Introduction To Illustrating Letterforms - Alex Fowkes'

I'm thinking about maybes doing some more in depth review posts on the books I have. I have a lot of Pixar ones etc so watch this space. If so, I'll do more in depth reviews of these books too. 


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