ebook cover design for The Blurt Foundation

Today I'm glad to be able to share something for such a fantastic project. I have just completed an ebook cover design for 'The Blurt Foundation' who just lastnight announced details of the ebook, which is their first. 
The book is called 'blurt it out, living with and surviving depression'. It was released lastnight for a limited pre-order  'For a limited time, we are offering pre-orders on a 'pay what you can' basis. The book will be published on Monday 15th September when the price will be set at £3.49. The full book will be emailed to you then also. People from all walks of life have come together to share their experiences of depression and recovery. Expect lots of head-nodding as their experiences and descriptions resonate with you. Insightful, raw and honest.'

You can find the pre-order here - Blurt ebook

If you haven't heard of the Blurt Foundation before, it is a user led community online who help and support those affected with depression. They work to fight against the stigma, which is often found with depression. It is a fantastic organisation and helps so many people.  

Their website is here: Blurt  and their facebook page here: Blurt It Out Facebook page.

So onto the design, we didn't want to create something cliche or really dark. It had to reflect the subject of the book but also represent an uplifting feeling. Originally I designed it with a yellow background and smooth line work.

The final design has darker clouds with a blue background to reflect more on the image of Blurt it out and also changing the line work to a rougher, more textured brush stroke. 

This is the final version.

I really enjoyed creating this and for such a great cause. I'm sure the ebook will help a lot of people and mental health is something I feel needs a lot more awareness of because even though it's in the media more, there is still a very negative stigma attached to all aspects of it. 


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