Hobbycraft Halloween Haul!

It's all the H's today with a Hobbycraft Halloween haul. Is it just me or do you wish Halloween was much more celebrated here in the UK? It's such a fun time of year with fantastic decorations, crafts, costumes- everything and yet it's just played down here. Although I have to say...and this is where I sound old- it's more celebrated now than when I was little. 

And just for fun I'll even throw in my own halloween pic from me dressed up as a child- step back from your screens now....you have been warned!!

So with Halloween coming up next month and the purchase of the 'Glitterville's Handmade Halloween' (by Stephen Brown) book I have so many ideas and inspiration swirling around in my head for craft ideas. I get so excited about Halloween and I don't know why- I don't have any children or younger siblings or even parties so....

This booked is packed with so many great ideas, as well as heaps of projects and ideas online too, such as Pinterest etc.
I went through the list in the book of materials needed for most of the projects but these are materials that can used for loads more crafts/projects. I didn't quite get everything I wanted but most of it. 
The annoying thing is- I had some polystyrene spheres that I'd had for a long time and it was only about a month ago that I threw them out.

So on with the haul......

I was looking for pinking shears but they are quite expensive, some from £10 - £30 although I did see some for £5 but I went with these, which are not quite pinking shears but they'll do for now and you get 2 different cut designs for £2.

Next up is some floral wire and tape. I do have some thicker aluminium wire from making stop motion models etc which is good for making the body, legs, arms but finer wire like this is best for hands and smaller details. I've not actually used floral tape before but its used a lot in the book and i'm guessing it's similar to masking tape but thinner with width? I could be totally wrong here (probably am).  The wire was £3.50 and the floral tape was £2.

I spotted these as soon as I walked in, on sale which was perfect as just a few hours before I'd ran out of my 0.05 fineliner which is amazing for tiny detail and shading. So I picked up 2 of these for £1.07 each instead of £2.50 each!

Next is the classic pipe cleaners or 'chenille stems' as they are known as now too (which I had no idea about). It's years and years since I used any of these, yet they have so many uses for crafts. I stuck with the classic black and orange for Halloween and each pack contains 25 for £1.70 each. I also bout a pack of orange and a pack of black crepe paper which is 150cm x 50 cm for 50p each.

Then 1/4 " wooden dowels which were £1.40 each but I later found out that night that B&Q sell them for 75p each. I also got a 1kg packet of DAS air drying clay. I've used this in the past quite a lot and it's really handy to have when you want to build up something without having to bake it like with other clays. They sell a 500g pack for £4 but it was better value to get the 1kg pack for £6.

And lastly is 2 packs of polystyrene shapes/balls. The first pack has a variety of sizes, 12 in the pack and the 2nd has 5 of all the same size. These are fab for making heads with, using paper mache over them. Really handy to have in! I'm thinking Jack Skellington! I used these a few years ago to create some peacock models for a stop motion. It keeps the model light weight and can be painted well. You can see an example of these on this post here.

So that's the end of my Hobbycraft haul. There's heaps more I could of/would of loved to buy but the pennies are a bit short. These should cover lots of ideas and projects though which I'm looking forward to getting started on. I'll keep you updated as I go.

Don't forget- you can get 10% student discount at Hobbycraft and also if you sign up to their newsletter you can an email with a 15% discount code to use! 


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