Paper cut outs & Commissions

As you know lately I've been getting into paper cut out art more, so I've been working on a few pieces over this last week or so and I've also had a few commissions I've been working on too. I don't normally do pet illustrations but it's something I'd like to improve on. I really loved working with my polychromos on this (and another current piece). They layer up so well!

This was a card I created earlier in August for my mum's birthday. We have a cocker spaniel so this was the card from her (yes we are those people who send cards to/from the pet).

This was a practice piece and first attempt at a double layer cutout taken from a template in the 'Crafters Guide to Papercutting' by Emily Hogarth. Available from Amazon here.

Next up is Christmas designs. Christmas is coming as we all know so I thought I'd get started with some ideas! 

Simple Christmas tree card design

Last but not least for the cut outs is a Halloween design! I'm LOVING all the Halloween things this year (especially nail art, my beauty blog is here full of Halloween nail tutorials)

Finally is one of the pet commissions I've been working on. 


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